About the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council

Originally Galiano, Mayne, North and South Pender, Saturna and Salt Spring Islands were members of the inter-island Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council. A number of years ago Salt Spring became an independent arts council and kept the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council name, so the remaining islands formed the Trincomali Community Arts Council, named after the straight that lies between Salt Spring and Galiano Islands. In 2014 Salt Spring renamed its organization as the Salt Spring Arts Council and subsequently the Trincomali Community Arts Council became the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council.

Throughout the years there have been many artist members who have stepped up to serve on the board of the Southern Gulf Islans Arts Council including Carol Christie-Smith, Monica Bennett, Kathleen Lightman, Bev Peden, Margaret Alpen, Patrick Smith and Wendy Gardner from the Pender Islands, Donna-Faye Digance and Karen Muntean from Saturna, Arnie Bell, Keith Holmes, Dianne Laronde and Tish Saunders from Galiano, and Leanne Dyck, Tina Farmilo, and Nikki Spooner from Mayne Island.


Today’s Board of Directors are:

Deborah Strong, President/Interim Treasurer (Mayne Island)

Jennifer Peers, Vice President/Secretary (Mayne Island)

Debra Carpentier-Holmes (Galiano Island)

Keith Holmes (Galiano Island)

Kenna Barradell (Pender Island)

The islands’ geographic separation makes it challenging to hold regular meetings but the board communicates regularly. Each island has its own unique culture and initiates community arts projects that best suit the needs of that island’s members. All islands share this website, the use of the “floating gallery” display cases on BC Ferries vessels that deliver service to the islands, and a willingness to support each other’s artistic endeavours.